The company history


Fonderia BAGGI S.r.l. . is a dynamic company and with a high professional level, acting in the aluminum and zinc alloy die casting industry, as well as in related services.

By capitalizing on the distinctive knowhow, the high technical skills of its own human resources and a state-of-the-art technologic outfit, Fonderia BAGGI follows its own institutional goals successfully:

creating value for its own shareholders, its own employees, its own customers and its own territory, by getting maximum customer satisfaction and providing products and services pursuant to contract specifications, free of any defects and within the scheduled times.

Established in 1959, the company has been focusing right from the beginning on shearing metallic accessories designed for manufacturing in the food and textile industries.

Following the strong growth of the company, in the second year the Management decided to diversify the production activity, by adding to the shearing activities the die casting activity of non-ferrous aluminum and zinc alloys (zinc alloy) for ferrous metallurgy, electro-technical, electronic and office furnishing companies.

Our company


The lead wire of the evolution of society was our deep care for the customers’ requirements, with whom the company operates from a win-win point of view.

In fact, ever since it was established, Fonderia BAGGI has built its own competitive advantages, by adding value to the quality of its own performances and to the service provided to the customer, in terms of:

  • fast and prompt deliveries;
  • availability and flexibility in relationships, where these are strengthened by mutual trust and transparency;
  • 360-degree technical support, in the sense of working together to find advanced technical and alternative solutions, in order to build equipment required for production.

The sustainability of the constant increase of the company should also be looked for in the care for investing in the most advanced technologies in the industry: Fonderia BAGGI has a truly modern very reliable and almost fully automated machine fleet.

Presses ranging from 25 t to 750 t allow for the satisfaction of the customer’s various requirements, by using first hand certified alloys, in order to obtain die cast products of aluminum and zinc, weighing from 1 g to 3000 g.

In order to get the best quality of its own production, Fonderia BAGGI also deals with ordinary maintenance of the punch press dies on board the pieces of machinery and it is able to actively collaborate with its own customers in designing and building punch press dies and equipment.

The technology, training of the personnel and awareness of the shared excellency goals allowed for a higher quality of manufacturing cycles reproduction, optimized based on the customer’s specific requirements: the constant search for excellence is also proven by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification, which Fonderia BAGGI was already awarded in 1998.

The technical skills and personal abilities of all our employees are one of the main sources of competitive advantage of the company.

The entire team is coordinated and managed by the top management, which also comprises the main shareholders of the company, and it is responsible with translating the long-term strategic vision into medium- and short-term goals, able to lead the entire company towards reaching its own institutional purposes.