The quality of our own products is a preceding basic feature in order to reach the institutional purposes of FONDERIA BAGGI: for this reason, the company always pays a high level of attention in disclosing and continuous monitoring if the production quality.

The strength of this activity is the Metrology and Quality Assurance Laboratory, comprised of highly qualified and strongly motivated personnel.

The laboratory is equipped with test equipment and gauges, control and homologation tools designed to assure the highest quality level in any stage of the production process.

A DEA machine stands out among the control tools, which is equipped with management software for the three-dimension control of the manufactured parts and equipment used.

In detail, the Laboratory outfit is as follows:

  • a three-dimension DEA machine with management software for capability studies and statistical analyses;
  • Gilardoni industrial radioscopy installation (X-rays)
  • stereo microscope with camera;
  • threaded buffered calipers for the passing and non-passing tests;
  • parallel control blocks / calibrated sockets;
  • granite control plan;
  • dedicated control hardware;
  • guided calipers, micrometers, plotters and comparators with wide measuring fields;
  • calipers with cylinder buffers for the passing and non-passing tests.