Aluminum in die casting

Aluminum is the chemical element with atomic number 13. Its symbol is Al.

It is a silver ductile metal and it is mainly found in the bauxite ore. It is known for its resistance to oxidation, its softness and its light weight.

Raw aluminum is processed through various processes of industrial production, such as casting, forging or punching, and it is used in many industries to manufacture millions of various products.

The structural components made of aluminum are actually vital for the aerospace industry and very important in other fields of transportation and construction in which light weight, durability and resistance are required qualities. Nevertheless, the intrinsic features of this metal make it used on a large scale, even in many industries vital for the economy.

FONDERIA BAGGI can take pride in a significant experience in obtaining aluminum-made die cast products with different shapes and technical characteristics, tailored for multiple uses.

The industries that use the aluminum-made products of our foundry include:

  • oil hydraulics;
  • the electronic industry;
  • the mechanic industry;
  • heating.


The machinery fleet of FRATELLI BAGGI is comprised of seven presses with cold chamber, with capacities ranging from 200 t and 750 t; all of them are equipped with an anthropomorphic robot. This equipment allows for die cast products to be obtained, weighing from 1 g up to 2500 g, and it allows us to effectively meet the multiple and various requirements of our clientele.