Zinc alloy

Zinc alloys

Using zinc alloys

The term of ZINC ALLOY refers to a group of alloys with a high quantity of zinc and it is derived from the drawing of its components Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium.

The use of zinc alloy in die casting guarantees that complex high quality products are obtained: it is enough to think that zinc alloys are used, no matter whether they are small- or large-scale productions, in many industries.

Over the years, FONDERIA BAGGI has developed a distinctive knowhow in the manufacturing of die cast products made of zinc alloy and designed for various uses in different industries, including:

  • electro-mechanics and wood processing equipment;
  • the pneumatic and construction industries;
  • the electronic and heating industries.

The presses

The die casting machine fleet includes six presses with a hot chamber, with capacities ranging from 25 t and 250 t; all of them are equipped with a lubricator and a lifting or auxiliary arm, and due to them die cast products may be obtained, weighing as much as 2500 g.